The first step for quality blueberries starts with "GOOD HYGIENE". All personel entering our Facilities and Orchards are required to wash their hands in accordance with our U.S.D.A GAP approved Hand Washing Procedure.
The following Steps are what we take to insure the highest quality product to our customers
Our pickers are trained to select only the finest berries for packaging and to discard all others. Our pickers place their berries into a food grade basket, and transported to the processing facility. All berries are transported to the processing facility every hour, this will help keep the berries fresh.
Arriving at the Process Facility:
Upon arrival at the processing facility, ALL Berries are received and logged into our tracking software by picker's name, tote number, date and time received, orchard harvested from and total weight. 
Transfer Conveyor:
The berries leave the grading conveyor and placed onto the transfer conveyor.  Again they are inspected for any problems before going into the Filling hopper..
The denester places 1/2 or 1 pint clamshells (depending on what the customer's order is) on the packaging line conveyor belts. The clamshells travel under the filler hopper where they are filled with berries.
Click this picture to watch us package Blueberries

In 2012, we moved into our new, up-graded, PLC controlled Packaging Facility. Our new additional equipment now allows us to package 1 and 1/2 pint Clamshells. We can package with no label, our label or your private label.

Our Packaging Facility
Cool Down Room:
After being received from the orchard, ALL totes are placed in our Cool Down Room where the will stay until there core temperature drops around 60 degree's. This process will slow the ripening process down, keeping our berries fresh.
Smashed and Damaged Berry Removal:
All berries are processed through our Tilt Table. This will remove smashed and damaged berries, a quality control prodecure we use to ensure our customers receive the best quality berries possible.
Infeed Conveyor:
Berries are placed on the infeed conveyor, here they are sent to our Blower/Cleaner
Our Blower/Cleaner will blow leaves, sticks, small berries and other debris form the berries. Another quality control procedure to ensure our customers a high quality product. The berries now go to our grading conveyor
Grading Conveyor:
Each berry is inspected by our trained graders. They are looking for deformities, damaged and discolored berries.
Filler Hopper:
This is where the packaging of the berries begin. Berries are placed into the clamshells and conveyed to the closer connveyor. Our PLC controls the Transfer conveyor, to maintain a constant level of berries in the hopper.
Closer Line:
Our closer seals the clamshell, and a final inspection of the berries are made, a random sample is weighed and then placed in flats, 12 pints per flat.
Finished Product:
We palatize and wrap all commercial orders.

From the Field to Our Customer's