Rooted August 2014
Rooted August 2014
Rooted August 2014
Rooted August 2014
Plants rooted in August 2013
Rooted August 2013
We have plant's in-stock, new cuttings for rooting, $1.00 Plus S/H,
1 year old plants  $3.50, 2 year old plants $4.50, call or e-mail for other pricing

Give us a call, we will be glad to help you with your Blueberry Plant needs. 
How to plant Blueberry's.
We know that everyone has their own method when it comes to planting Blueberry plants, and we have tried several. The one method that has worked for us is as follows.
1. Soil Preperation: Before you can plant, you need a good location to put them. Sandy soil is the best, but plants will grow in other soils. We
       start preparing our soil atleast 6 months before planting.
   A: Find a location that has good drainage, Blueberries love water, just not alot at one time.
   B: Plenty of sun light.
   C: Disc your rows or area approx. 12" to 18" deep. Rows should be 2' wide, 10' apart and plants 3' to 6' feet apart. Blueberry roots grow between 6" and 12" under the soil.
   D: Check your soil Ph. You want an acidy soil, or low Ph. Between 4.5 and 5.5 is ok. If your Ph is high, add sulpher to the soil and mix in.
   E: Fertilizer (plant food) is important. During soil preperation, we apply 14-28-14 fertilizer on the entire row, a good cover of pine bark and Sulpher. We turn the soil under, form                our rows and then let the soil sit for atleast 6 months. If grass grows over your rows, just use Round-up to control it.

2. Planting: We do most of our planting while the plant is dormant (Dec. to Jan). You can plant up to May 1  Depending on the plant (potted or clean root) you will plant a little different.
Dig you hole larger than the roots structure and deep enough for the roots to lay flat on the bottom but the stem above the top. Holes can be between 3' to 6' feet apart.
Potted Plants: Remove the plant from the Nursery pot, over the hole, loosen up the roots by rolling the potting soil between your hands. The loose soil will fall into the hole.                 Place the plant into the hole, keeping the stem about one inch above the top. Place fresh pine bark in the hole, packing the roots good. (We use fine Pine Bark for planting).

3. Water: It is important that your plants stay wet. We use drip irrigation pipe with drip holes every 6". DO NOT DROWN your plants, a fine mist or slow dripping is all you want.

4: Pine bark should be layed around each plant. This will keep moisture in the soil and hold weeds down.

If you need help, give us a call. 252-537-8537.
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Before you can plant your Blueberry plants, you need to decide which variety best suits you climate. Different variety's need different chill times. (Chill time is the amount of time a plant needs to be dormant (32 degrees) before it wakes up to produce berries). 
With this said, you do not want to choose a variety that starts blooming before your freezing weather ends. This will result in damaged fruit or no fruit at all.
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