Birthday Parties
 Party Time
Birthday parties are an important part of growing up.
We can't remember all of our parties, but WE remember the FUN ones. 
Why get a group of children, in a small room, where they can't run off the energy, no jumping, no ball throwing or playing in the house. Cake and ice cream spilled on your carpet and furniture, then you have to clean it all up.

When you come to Happy Acres Farm, we do all the work while you have the best birthday party ever.

Our Facility is available each Saturday, starting on May 6, 2017 at 10:00 A.M.


Party Package
All Parties are scheduled for 2 hours. 1 hr. 45 minutes for party, 15 minutes for you to gather your presents and time for us to clean up for the next Birthday Party.

What You Get!
Complete access to our Western Town, a safe, secure area for your guests to RUN and PLAY ! 
Use of a DVD player with 42" Flat Screen T.V.
Barrel Train rides. 
Farm animals for the kids to feed and touch. 1 bag of approved animal feed per child included.
Tractors for the kids to play on.
Touch a Bulldozer. That's right..... A REAL Bulldozer. Sit in the drivers seat and imagine digging for Gold. *
Hay Hill. Bales of stacked hay for the kid's to jump in and play.
Hand washing station.
Hand dipped ice cream, choice of drinks, that's Ice Cream Cones and Drinks for your party.

What is the cost? Every party is different. Click our Party Calculator                for your special day price.

Step 1: First, you need to check our Party Calendar               to check for your date and time availability.

Step 2: Download our Party Rules               and Registration                forms.

Step 3: Print out and complete your registration form. 

Step 4: After completing your registration form and you have chosen your party options, call us at 252-537-8537 to verify availability of date and time and make your deposit. 

How Do I Sign Up?