Gates open at 6:00 PM
Rides from 6:30 P.M to 11:00 P.M.

October 27th,28th,29th,

October 31st. Special Kid's day 4:00-7:00 PM
Trunk-a-treat, barrel train rides, hay rides, costume contest, games and fun

Do you have the NERVE to enter? Can you out run the Zombies ?

Do you think you have what it takes to survive?

Come climb on the wagon and take a ride into the HAUNTED FOREST

Come Join the Fun !

Only $15.00 per person for a ride you will NEVER forget

Tickets may be purchased at Main Entrance

Happy Acres Farm
354 Wright Rd.
Roanoke Rapids, NC. 27870
(252) 537-8537

Bloody Mary
Crazy Larry
Chain Saw Billy
Haunted Forest History

In the summer of 1972, The Mental Hospital Prison was completed. Located on West Hawkins Rd.
The purpose of the Mental Prison was to house 10 of the most dangerous insane criminals in North Carolina.
By August of 1972, all 10 mentally ill inmates were transported from the surrounding state prisons, and secured in the new prison.
Two prisoners were the worst ever seen. Larry Jordan and Mary Wilson. Their crime spree extended from Florida to North Carolina, They killed fifteen (15) people over a five year span. What made these two the worse, Larry would go out and find victims, bringing them back to Mary, and Mary would torture them before Larry would kill them, cutting them up and giving Mary the body parts to eat.
Billy Morgan was also one of the prisoners, convicted of cutting up his family with a chain saw.
All was going well until the Friday before Halloween in 1972.

The following is a transcript of the 911 call made from the Mental Hospital Prison at 10 PM Friday night.
Operator: 911, what is your emergency?
Unknown caller: Help! Help!, they are killing us, we need help………
Operator: Who is killing you?
Unknown caller: Them, it’s them. They have escaped, OH MY GOD…. They are eating them!!!
Operator: sir, who is doing this?
Unknown caller: Bloody Mary, Crazy Larry and chainsaw Billy. NO..NO.. STOP…NOT ME…
(the phone went dead)
Operator: Hello, Hello, sir are you there?
Operator: 911 to all officers….There is a riot and killings at the Mental Hospital Prison. Respond Code 1. 

5 minutes later

Officer Jones: 911, I am on scene……the building is burning….there are dead bodies all over the place…..inmates in hospital robes running into the woods….send backup ASAP.

The following morning, as the sun rose, you could see bodies spread out through out the yard and woods. An arm here, a leg there…… the Prison staff had been killed and chopped up. No inmates could be found.

The Governor closed the Mental Hospital Prison and had the ashes bull dozed and buried in the ground.  
All the Hospital staff’s remains were buried in a Cemetery East of the Prison. It is said that the head nurse, Nancy Bond’s ghost stands guard over the graves.

In 1977, the property was purchased by the Matthews family and Happy Acres Farm was started.

In 1981, John Bullock was hunting of West Hawkins Rd. behind Happy Acres Farm. He reported to the Sheriff he had seen several people running through the woods, dressed in hospital gowns covered with blood.

In 1983, Bob Lark and his son Tommy were hunting in the same area. Tommy, 15 at the time left the deer stand to retrieve his phone from the car. While walking back to the woods, he heard his father yell “STOP…DON’T HURT ME! BAM, Tommy heard a gun shot. Then he could hear a chainsaw. Tommy ran back to the car, scared and shaking, he called 911. The Sheriff found his father’s body on the ground under the deer stand, missing his head and his arm had been eaten. 

Over the next 33 years there has been over 30 reports of missing hunters, farm animals killed and chewed up, people in hospital gowns walking through the woods and on Wright Rd. and West Hawkins Rd.

Stories have been told about murdered hunters roaming the woods looking for revenge for their death.
To this day, Bloody Mary, Crazy Larry and chain saw Billy have never been found.

In June 2017, a local logger was clearing 55 acres off West Hawkins Rd. when the Skid operator, Billy Buck noticed several 
bearded men running through the woods with logger axes. He reported the men went towards Wright Rd. from West Hawkins.
A week later, Bob Martin was running the cutter and found an old log cabin. Bob called Billy Buck on the radio, and told him to 
meet him at the end of West Hawkins, near NC HWY 48. Billy and Bob walked over to the door of the log cabin, BAM!! 
Somebody shot through the door, "Who Are You ?", "What Do You Want?". Don't Shoot, Billy Yelled. We are clearing this land and found your cabin. Can we talk with you. The door slowly opens. A small framed man with a long white beard in ragged clothes appeared in the doorway. What Y'all want to know? Billy ask, who are the bearded men I saw running through the woods with the axe's? The old man ask "you ever heard of Bloody Mary and Crazy Larry"? Bob and Billy answered YES. Well, the old man explained, Mary and Larry had four children, 3 males and 1 female. Been told they run a sawmill back over there, but nobody in their right mind will go there. I heard they will chop you up if they catch you at the sawmill...... Better stay away, you might stay alive. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE, they find me talking to you and I will be cut up like a 2x4. Billy and Bob ran back to the equipment, drove back to the loader, told the boss what they found and heard. Billy and Bob told the boss, find somebody else to work, we aren't going to die for this job.